Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well what a patently inauspicious start to this blog. Apart from meeting Gillian Anderson at work the other week nothing at all is luring me away from my comfortable chambers in Peckham Heights. (Gillian Anderson by the way is a beautiful midget with a British accent, a friendly unassuming demeanor and far too much class for such a little person)

I Had a lovely lazy day off work today even though my lie-in was interrupted by my mother ringing to gossip about relatives. Bless her, but she had to go out to her aqua-aerobics class so I got away early. I always thought it a tremendous shame that she wasn't Jewish frankly, she would make an amazing Jewish Mother and I have already had the circumcision so there would be very little work to do. It's almost a shame that I have a full head of hair, I imagine those little skull-cap's that Jewish men wear would be amazing at hiding bald spots.


Must dash off to see a housemate about some washing-up.

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