Monday, March 20, 2006

Am I really starting to worry about turning 30 soon? I was wondering how much I can rely on my fabulous genetic background to keep me looking youthful and mischievous . Is my daily bath in the blood of 20 virgins no longer enough to keep the wrinkles at bay? (It's brilliant by the way, one of the Radox blends)

I found myself today stealing a go at my housemates thickening shampoo for some reason. Curiosity I suppose seeing as my hair is naturally thick and curly and almost impossible to do anything with. I don't know whether it is because I already have a lustrous mane of locks but I somehow ended up with a mini afro. It was SO not a good look I promise you.

I even found myself doing sit-ups for the first time since my dizzying heights of fame as British Junior Judo Champion and was pleasantly surprised to find that I managed 40 in my first go. This is all a very worrying trend and I immediately had to go away and drink some gin and eat half a pack of pringles. I suppose spending the afternoon with the Divine Lee will do this to a person. HOW he maintains his fabulousness whilst munching on crisps guffawing at badly dubbed Japanese school girl superhero's one will never guess.

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Anonymous said...

It never fails to annoy me when I meet people with waif like figures who have a stable diet of crisps and full fat coke. It also makes me chuckle when people are worried about turning 30 just when I'm looking at 41 head on.

Talking of your fame as Judo champ: there's a guy down my way who was also a Judo champ years ago and he's now shut his judo gym and set himself up as a kids party venue. Bryan Jacks. Not sure if you've heard of him.