Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well, the date with the doctor went rather well as you may be able to tell from the lack of updates for several days. I am rarely a 'take em home on a first date' kind of gal, but we sparked so well we practically set the Sushi Bar on fire, so it had to be done.

I got my wishes from the last post and thanks to the combination of the clocks and the cocks going forward I only managed about 4 hours sleep......

So far he has ticked all the boxes well enough, now all I have to do is reign in my flight or flight impulse and give it a chance to progress a little. It may not, but usually I am out of that door before the wet patch has dried so I will see how this goes.

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Anonymous said...

you go for it :) Never quite done it for me doctors , strange really I was a nurse , maybe I saw all the warts