Monday, May 12, 2008

Boy for hire...

My good friend Lady B works for a recruitment consultant or some such in the city and was telling me that a large part of her job is re-writing other peoples resume’s to make them more appealing to employers. She offered to take a look at what I do in an average day* and turn it into a sure fire job attracting sound bite for my CV.

This is what we came up with…

Get to work late - Flexible

Check personal and work emails- Diligent/organised

Insult my boss - Good working relationships

Take a phone call, wrong number, call a friend for 20 mins to talk about last nights TV and bitch about other friends - management of incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Eat a banana, it’s not enough, get up and get a chocolate bar from the machine - proactive

Flirt with the French intern - good at building relationships

Play on the internet, check blogs, buy stuff online, sign into messenger - technologically minded - used to dealing with packages such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and internal company systems.

LUNCH - conscientious

Check personal and work emails again. Ignore work emails. - good eye for details

Boss insults me. - able to deal with sensitive situations and information.

Eat a pear, spill juice on my shirt. Sneak out and buy a new t-shirt to wear out that evening. - good problem solving skills

Wander down the corridor to chat to my mates. - used to managing people
and third party relationships

Look at shirtless boys on the internet - good at researching and honing

Have a cup of tea - good at monitoring service standards

Sneak home early.... - excellent time management skills

I would SO hire me!

* I would like to point out that I DO actually do work and enjoy my job (Hello IT, I am on a break now I promise!)