Sunday, May 21, 2006

As I wake up this morning in a rum soaked haze I remember something very strange and wonderful from last nights Eurovision.

When called upon for his scores the male judge from The Netherlands flirted with the Male TV presenter and asked if he wanted his number now or later. The Show's presenter replied "Later will do, but I bet it is 69 69 69"

How camp is that. Full on gay flirting in front of an audience of millions. HILAR.


Anonymous said...

Good observation Clint. I missed that :o)

Clint said...

Everyone at the party was talking but I was next to the TV and I was like "Um, did anyone else see that? Did that really just happen?"

Anonymous said...

oh yeah i saw that. you can watch it on youtube. hilarious!!!

dropping by from blogmad. *wave*