Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The ever wonderful Erin over at Lylium.org has taken this wonderful photo of her friend Teal dressed as Princess Leia. Now, believe it or not that R2D2 is actually a post box! I do love our iconic red pillarboxes we have over here, but sometimes I wish we could do something as cool as this.

Check out the blog entry "Damsel in Distress" as well as the rest of Erin's fabulous blog. It is completely different to mine, but she is a funny, cool person and she takes some amazing photographs. The picture has spread across the net like wildfire and now she and Teal are hoping to use it to help raise some money for Teal's Scholarship Fund in an effort to secure her the place she gained at Cambridge.

I know this isn't a bitchy, witty entry but sometimes you just have to give a girl her due and say wow. The fact that she is a foxy redhead certainly helps, us gays love our fiery haired minxes.


Thomas Korn said...

I do believe that R2 mailbox is here in Seattle - on the UW campus in fact

I was wondering where you went on LJ. Glad to see you still posting

Clint said...

Aw thanks mr. I am still here, just lost the faith a bit for a while!

How's tricks with you?

Thomas Korn said...

I just posted how I am this week 10 minutes ago on LJ

There are so many blog sites, I just like sticking to LJ I am lazy that way