Saturday, October 21, 2006

This week was a particularly fruitful one. I lost 4lbs (total lost so far 11) and it is now 2 weeks since I was a smoker. If you could see through this computer screen, you would see what I like to call, my smug face. It's a face I enjoy using I should really take a picture soon...

My mother has also been inspired by me to start a diet too, I wish her the best of luck, but I worry about some of the funny ideas she seems to have about calorie control. Here are some of my mothers beliefs about calories....

1) If it is stolen from someone else's plate, the calories do not count.

2) If it is eaten whilst cooking, the calories do not count.

3) If you leave a forkful of food on a plate, then you have consumed only half the calories originally on that plate.

4) Free food is free from calories.

5) Chocolate consumed whilst walking to the shops contains no calories at all.

6) Being drunk burns off calories and therefore negates any that were in the alcohol.

Ah well, it could be worse, my father doesn't even believe calories exist. All 26 stone of him.

In the meantime people have started to notice my weight loss and this has helped make me less attractive by the broadening of the smug face. Funnily enough I seem to be a bit swamped by boys at the moment too, but I think that is a whole other entry in itself (fnar) ........


Anonymous said...

Hey well done on the diet and non-smoking! Mind you I liked you as you were Clint

Anonymous said...

I love your mum's philosophy :)
Well done Clint :)

MadeInScotland said...

sans alchool too? That's my failing!

Anonymous said...

way to go Clinton!!
Clint Green - thin as a bean (runner).

Hope to see you soon, poppet.

V x

Tequilla Mockingbird said...

Your mum's philosphy is my new mantra. Legendary!

I am about to start a diet to lose the stone I have gained recently, with the motto, little pickers wear bigger knickers.

How is the non smoking going? That is why I put on a stone- I stopped 1st January. So intend to lose weight the old fashioned way. Smokes and laxatives.

TM x