Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wow, sorry for the lack of updates people. It's been pretty manic for me in the last few weeks. Not only has work gone Margot Kidder crazy with a new computer system that nobody knows how to work, but I have been going to more clubs and pubs than a newly released Big Brother contestant!

That is NO excuse I know, BAD gay, bad BAD gay!

But seriously, what else is one to do when Big Brother turns to shit and the weather is too beautiful to stay inside looking at shirtless men on the interweb? Thankfully, a small solution presented itself to me yesterday in the form of the return of Britain's Next Top Model on that channel aimed at Gay Men and Bored Housewives Living TV! It's a guilty pleasure watching 13 beautiful women reduced to tears by a panel of botoxed Z-list celebrities and evoked a secret desire in me to show them just how to pose and walk down that catwalk even though the last time I wondered down one it was aged 7, dressed as a woman for a charity evening arranged by my scout master. Yes, it worries me too looking back on it.

So how the hell are you all? Gossip please...

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