Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am sorry there are no photo's from the end of my Birthday week, but I think I was maybe too drunk to remember the camera, let alone use it!

Friday was the big gay party. Lots of fun although I ended up outside for most of the night chatting to a sexy boy who looked like Jack from Lost! Both The Pirate King and Glitter for Brains were there and had my hormones positively raging, proving that one can be 30 and still be as horny as a teenager. DAMN those boys are hot, I insist you check them out immediately.

Saturday, I am afraid I let you all down horribly and took a day off, sorely needed I tell you. Sunday was the barbecue and in the absence of a straight man I was forced to take charge and do it all myself. I am sure there is some primal instinct that kicks in for us boys when fire is involved. I lovingly tended the flames and then started slapping the meat about before offering it to my guests. So, no change there then!

Now, sadly I am back at work and attempting my 'new, healthy Clint'. The not smoking lasted all of 2 days, but I intend to try again very soon, once work is a tad less stressful. At least since May I am down from 25 a day to around 10. Surely the eating well and exercising count for something though? Moral support here guys?? I mean good health is just the slowest possible way of dying and if you lived a completely healthy lifestyle you are going to feel pretty stupid lying in your hospital bed being treated for nothing...

NO! I mustn't think like that. I shall carry on with the rowing machine and the fresh veg/healthy food and attempt the smoking cessation again soon. I think I was a little stupid trying to do it all at once.


Anonymous said...

It is a bit too much to try it all at once. But smoking because you're stressed? Erm ... nicotine is a stimulant. It's going to add to your stress, innit?

Anonymous said...

Hey Clinton! love your blog and tune in regularly. GIVE UP SMOKING!!!!!!!!!
Also - how cool is the Ice Bar place? I went there last December but only stood it for about 15 minutes before my fingers started dropping off. Fab in this summer heat though.
love Van xx

Clint said...

Aw thanks Van! You are a sweetie.