Friday, April 21, 2006

My lovely mother has decided to grace me with her presence this weekend so updates may not be forthcoming until Monday where you can expect a stream of relief flowing from me to my keyboard and through to you guys!

I know that on Saturday she intends to shop for me. This is lovely and I always like getting new things, especially when someone else pays for them. But what it inevitably consists of is me spotting something I LOVE in the first shop we go into and Mother then dragging me into 20 other shops, just in case we find something else. I also have to try every single thing on, even if I know I don't like it "Just in case, just so I can see what it looks like"

The funny thing is, when she buys for herself, she just grabs it off the rail and heads straight to the checkout!

No, I love her to bits, but for some reason it is always stressful when a parent comes to visit. Not only does Gaymosexual Towers have to be tidy, it has to be 'Mother Tidy' a state which far exceeds any other mortals expectations of cleanliness, even that required in a hospital theatre!

Wish me luck people.....and lets hope that I come out of this with as few emotional scars and as many new clothes as possible!

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PoetX said...

And this is why I never let my Dad come visit my home. It would never be clean enough for him and the idea of him chastising me every 5 minutes over some miniscule detail would have me heading for the kitchen knives and we all know how difficult blood stains are to get out the carpet.
And let's not get started on a shopping trip!

Welcome to Blogger Clint about time you made it over here ! xxx