Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hmmm boys are like crabs, you find one lurking in the pubic region of your social life and suddenly there are hundreds of the blighters all wanting to bite and suck you. It really is a hardship I tell you.

Currently my list of interested parties includes The Doctor (no 1 of course, but with the sad side effect of living 100 miles away and working 70 hrs a week), The Actor, 2 Students (scruffy, cute, over eager but OH so enthusiastic in the sack) and the attractive couple in their 30's that like to play together (not my scene really, I like to try and hang on to at least a little class)

Now, don't get me wrong I AM boasting about this, but only because I have been going through such a dry patch this past year and I REFUSE to believe it has anything to do with me not leaving the house and just playing on my xbox 360 for 12 months. I know I am aging well, rather like 80's music, but I do seem to get more interest the older I get. Is this a trend that others find too? Is it just that I am getting more comfortable in my skin and other people can sense this?

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Anonymous said...

I'd agree we get more interest as we grow older and also it's a better kind of interest as well.