Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shocking Behaviour.

I seem to have picked up a boyfriend from somewhere. I thought I was careful, I mean I took all the precautions and I swear I didn’t even drink that much. Still it happened, it just goes to show that there is no such thing as Emotiception and now too much time has gone by for me to take the morning after pill and I suppose I should just have to come to terms with the fact that he is going to be around for a while.

He IS utterly addictive though. 23yrs old, ex-bouncer, charming smile, shoulders you can throw a cow over (or me, same thing really), a body to die for and with the much appreciated ability to take the piss out of me whilst also accepting a tirade of sarcasm from myself. I could hardly say no now could I? Oh he also cooks. Mmmm food. So I put a sofa in my huge room, bought a big HD tv and barely left it for the past 2 weeks, with the odd gust of cold air as I sent him off to cook for me or I went for more wine. I know, it is disgusting isn’t it?

Talking of disgusting, MY godness the young are VIRILE! I have had to wash my curtains and I don’t usually do that until spring! I have also showered more in the past weekend than I usually do in a week. Being hairy has certain, um, disadvantages when it comes to particular bodily fluids and I can hardly call myself wipe-clean these days…

Oooh Christmas is coming up as well isn’t it? I know it is because X-Factor is over and this is the next big thing in the gay calendar… I shall be spending it alone again this year with various drop ins by friends and am thoroughly looking forward to it all. I am running low on baileys though so a trip to the local cash and carry may be in order. You all know I cant bear to eat my breakfast cereals without it!


Anonymous said...

Hey honey! I have a huge spare bottle of Baileys if you'd like it? When do I get to see you next? LB x

Clint said...

Did you not start a blog just so you didn;t have to post anon? hehe,

SOON! When you free??

Stephen Chapman said...

I cant decide whether that's too much information or not enough!


Tim said...

Your still Posting? I had moved you to the dead zone! glad to hear your doing better, hope you and your man are still together, and that you've split the chores amiably

Hope you get back to posting!